Newborn? Why you should buy used baby gear

After my son turned 1, I realized that half of the things we have brought or was given as gifts were barely used. Babies grow up so fast and the stuff they need is only needed for a short period of time.
Of course as new parents, we wanted everything for our son to be brand-new…..which can drain your money FAST! Not all baby items are safe to buy used but a lot of items that can be used, especially if you are on a budget.
Let’s start with items I think should NEVER buy used.
1. Car seat: One of the most important items to have. The only reason I wouldn’t buy a used one because the history is unknown. If the vehicle the car seat was in a accident (which I hope nobody needs to go through with a baby), how do you know the car seat is safe?
2. Bottles: Unless you know the seller and trust the seller, I wouldn’t buy used bottles. Now days, people can be very sneaky with hiding “illegal” substance. Not saying people use baby bottles to “hide” things, but just saying. A personally reason is I wouldn’t want my son sucking on a bottle from another baby….even though you thoroughly wash and sanitize the bottles.
3: Food/formula: This one is a given…and I hope nobody tries to sell used food/formula.
Now to things you can buy used ๐Ÿ™‚
There are a lot of places where you can buy used items that are (hopefully) safe and well-conditioned. For people who doesn’t trust “online” buying, I’m sure there are local companies who sell used items. On Oahu, there is store called Caterkids where it pretty much is a thrift buyer/seller store for baby/kids things. The company are kind of like the “in-between” party. They buy stuff from people and resell them to customers. The good thing about this store is the employees do a full inspection of the items from the seller before putting up for sell for customers. If items are not up to standard, they will not take it. I have sold and brought items there. I wish I knew about this store earlier…so I could of buy some stuff used.
If you trust online sells, there are a lot of places where you can find sellers. I personally use Offerup and Facebook Marketplace. I used both these places to buy and sell my son’s stuff. Just remember, that it is communication through online….so be vigilant about where you plan to meet up.
1. Crib: If the frame is in good condition, just buy a new mattress.

2. Playpen: If you are trying to save space in the room, I recommend a playpen instead of a crib. Playpen grows with the baby. We got the one with the upper/lower bassinet and detachable changing table. I could of easily buy a used one
3. Clothes: One of the most money wasting things (especially if you have a girl)….buy USED USED USED. They will grow so fast out of the clothes. My son only used some of his clothes 2 or 3 times….especially cuz he was naked most of time (we live in Hawaii…its killers HOT)!
4. Sit-up chair: Will only use for 3 months max
5. Highchair: One of the most important items to have for baby eating and behavior development. This one me and my other half was smart. We got ours used ๐Ÿ™‚
6: Bathtub: Good to get used unless you get the one that grows with the baby.

7. Bouncer/swinger: BEST item to get used. The price for one of these are ridiculous.
8. Walker: Again…one of the items that is a waste of money to buy new. My son only used his for 2 months.
9: Toys: We will keep buying toys…might as well get them used.
Half of baby items should be brought used to help save money for future fun!!

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