Time management & a 1-year old

I was always pretty good with using my time wisely until my son was born. As soon as he was born, my life turned upside-down & sideways. We all know taking care of your child is first priority and can be VERY time consuming! All the things I did on a regular schedule (laundry, chores, shopping, etc.) all just floated away like a kite.

My new schedule is working (or training) my son to a set schedule…..sounds kind of bad that I’m “training” him like a puppy. But a set schedule is what I need to not lose my mind.

To get a better picture, I am mother of a 1 year old who works FT. My job doesn’t stop at the office, it continues when I get home.

My typical day starts with waking up at 6 or earlier if Takeo wakes up me up first. Most mornings he’s good baby and goes with the flow of getting ready. He knows that in the mornings, he drinks a bottle while mommy changes his diaper and gives his multi-vitamin. Then, we change clothes and brush teeth. After that, I get ready and pack his bag to take to the babysitter. I managed to get out of the house by 6:45 sometimes (which is really good), but set the time at 7 to FOR SURE be out of the house.

When at work, I try not to check-in with the babysitter. I believe that if you keep worrying bout your child, you will never learn to trust anyone with your child. I have complete trust in my babysitter. If you live on Oahu and looking for a babysitter I recommend mines!!! Check her out here.

4 o clock comes…. time to leave work and pick up Takeo. Im lucky that the babysitter only lives down road. If I dont have to go grocery shopping, Im usually home by 420.

The REAL work starts now. Daddy plays with Takeo while I prep dinner. We eat dinner, bathe, and play more. Somewhere inbetween I pack our breakfast/lunch for the next day and clean the kitchen.

If we get lucky, Takeo is down by 830…but my day doesnt end sometimes till 10.

Here are some tips I learned to manage time with a 1 year old:

1. USE SUNDAYS: Get things done on Sundays! Whatever you think is important (clean house, laundry, rearrange, etc.) I use Sundays as my “prep” for the week. I make the dinner menu for the week and go grocery shopping. I wash/cut the fruits, and prep whatever I can for the menu (if can).

2. PACK THE NIGHT BEFORE: I know we all say we will do it….and you should. It makes mornings so much easier and less stressful. Have meals, bottles, snacks all made so in the morning all you gotta do is grab and go!

3. PREP PREP PREP: Again, if you can, prep for tomorrow dinner. Simple things can make a difference such as cutting the veggies or steaming them. Or even chopping up meat. If tonights dinner is something to put in the oven, use this time to prep.

The better you manage time, the more happy you will be. My son sure is happy cuz he gets all of mommy’s attention

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