Swim little fishy

One of the skills, I think all kids should learn to do is swim. Not only because we live in Hawaii, where the ocean is the playround….learning helps with breathing and exercise.

See the old fashion way of how me and my other half learned to swim was our parents/uncles/aunties throwing us in the deep end of the pool and paddle.

We didnt want that for Takeo. We wanted him to learn the right way so he CAN survive the ocean. Im sure he will go grow up (like his daddy) to cherish and love the ocean.

So we decided to have him take swim lessons. He is now bout 14 months old and hes been enrolled since he was 8 months old. Takeo absolutely loves it!!!!

I think the lessons are paying off. He knows he is not allowed to go near the pool without mommy or daddy. He is not afraid to go underwater too.

Some people ask us why did we enroll him so young….well to us….the faster he gets used to feeling comfortable in the water, the faster he will learn to trust the water.

Tell me bout your kids “water” experiences.

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