Online shopping sucks

Not totally true….online shopping is great until you get to the checkout screen.

The problem with a lot of companies is they advertise “FREE SHIPPING” when you spend so much. I get it….it makes people want to buy more just to get the free shipping (like me). But the problem is even if you spend the amount asking, for us shoppers in Hawaii, we still gotta pay for shipping. FUCKING BS

It already sucks that we dont have that much companies to chose from if looking for certain things….so we look online. And then we finally find what we are looking for and gotta pay a ridiclous amount for shipping!!!!

This whole topic came up because me and my other half was looking for a toddler bed for our son. We looked into a couple stores and they all said to look online because they dont carry them in store. So we did. We found a bed that we both liked.

Free shipping!!!! Not anymore when you get to checkout

Hey I understand that it is a large item and shipping for it is a factor, but even if it was just a small item, shipping will always get charged for us.

Dont get me wrong, there are some companies that do the whole “free shipping”. And thank god for the companies that do “free pickup”.

Some of the major companies I love that dont offer free shipping are Walmart Target and Macys

And then we have those companies we dont have here local at all so our only option is online. I really wish Wayfair and Kohls offered free shipping. I would love to buy things from them!!

I learned to use as much possibilties as to the most of my purchase. I wait for the sale and use Ebates or Retail me not to get cash back. It may not be alot but at least it is something back.

So if anybody plans to move to Hawaii, take this into consideration.

Thanks for reading!

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