Who you calling titah

Someone called me a titah today. I haven’t have someone call me that in a very long time.

Titah: A female local girl with attitude up the max or in other words, A BITCH!

I’ll admit, I am a titah and was always one since small time.

To make this fun, I will write this blog in Pidgin (with translations 😀)

Looking for a titah wahine? Easy brah. Look for that local looking girl…not the FOB or haole one k. Her hair gon to be in one high ass bun and she gon to be wearing choke hawaiian bracelets. No can miss cuz her face gon look like she mad at the world. Watch out cuz when she open her mouth, you better put on your big boy undies.

Translation: Looking for a tough girl? Easy boy. Look for the polynesian girl, who is not Fresh off the Boat or not from the mainland. This girl will have her hair made in a high bun and will be wearing 2 or 3 hawaiian bracelets. You will tell it is her because her facial expressions will look like she is very upset. Approach with cautions because when she talks she will tell you off and be ready to take it.

Even Moana was a titah.

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