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He has food allergies…..

My son LOVES to eat…and I love that he isn’t picky. The problem we have is people who feeds him whatever they are eating. When we are out at parties and stuff we have to constantly tell people “he has food allergies….”

We have to nicely ask our family/friends, “what are you giving him?”. Some people don’t realize what is in the food they are giving my son.

My son is not severely allergy, but he is sensitive to Milk, Egg Whites, Peanuts, and Bananas.

We learned to read food labels and try to limit his intake of the items. It is impossible to eliminate all of these items in food because almost everything has either one.

I try to cook things that we all can eat as a family…but sometimes it gets really hard to come up with ideas. I try to not feed him the same thing over and over.

The reason I decided to right this blog is to bring more awareness. It got me inspired by a fellow blogger I follow.

I hope people will be more aware of what they are doing around a child because a simple act of kindness can actually be the most dangerous thing to a child.

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