ALOHA not for sale


There has been alot of news regarding the Aloha Poke Co. trying to take away the use of “Aloha” and “poke” from MANY businesses who has those words in their names.

As a native Hawaiian, a kanaka maoli, a resident of Hawaii…..how pilau can a person be Aloha Poke Co.

First of all, who gives you the right to use those words. You have no right to try and take it away from us Hawaiians. I bet you and all of your employees are just stupid haoles! But I shouldn’t be calling anybody “stupid” or “haole”. That only makes me just as ignorant as you.

I’m just disappointed that you try to take the one word that means so much to us and our history.

We already had our kingdom overthrown because people, like you, wanted to take our land and our precious culture.

ALOHA is not just a word, it is the foundation of our culture. It has so much meaning that we openly use it to everyone who comes to our ‘aina.

You think you are doing what is right…….you are thinking like a true business person. Think about all the people you are hurting. What you are doing is affecting the WHOLE hawaiian community from not only here in Hawaii, but other places like Alaska.

Think about your employees….all this negativity you are now receiving can’t be good for your business.

So this message is to you, Aloha Poke co.:

Be akamai, be pono, ho’i aku, be ALOHA.

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