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Apartment living: with a baby

I read this interesting article that someone posted on FB bout how some people around the world live in “tiny” homes. It kind of made me appreciate what we live in now. The article featured how these people doesnt choose to live in these small spaces….it is what they can afford. It made me sad when one of the people they featured was a 67 year old Chinese man who rents out a “cage” for less than 200 a month.

I complain all the time bout living in a apartment with limited space…but not anymore. The apartment we live in now is way better than the one we were living before, which brings me to the topic: How to save space with a baby.

When I first found out I was pregnant, me and my other half was living in a small apartment (which was a good size for a couple). I could take at max 15 steps from the front door to the bedroom and/or bathroom. Same from the living room to the kitchen (get the idea?). After I got pregnant, I knew this space would be too small for us and a baby.

Next apartment: We moved to a little bigger place. Still a 1 bedroom but the apartment itself was bigger square ft.

The test really came after my son was born and all the stuff that comes with him.

We lived in that bigger 1 bedroom for less than a year (6 months with my son). It was a challenge!

Here are my tips to survive living in a small space with a baby

1. All-in-one: Buy baby stuff that has more than one use. For instance, playpens or playyards are great options. Most come with either bassinet or changing table or both! This for sure will save money and space.

2. Foldable: Baby gear that can be folded and tucked away are the best. We was fortunate that people gave us a swing and sit-up chair that folded. Portable and easy to hid ๐Ÿ˜€

3. Bins: They arent the most prettist things but super useful to keep organized and less cluster looking. Pros about bins is they can be easible accesible, stackable, and things inside can be out of reach for baby.

4. Ottoman: Again, buy things that have more than one use. For us, our sofa had a ottoman or storage under its seat. We stored toys and some extra sleep gear in there.

5. Walls: Make use of all the walls you may have. It may take some imagination but it helps get things off shelves and floors. We used our walls to hang hats/belts/shoes/etc…..and of course pictures. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Even with all these “little” tips we knew we were not going to be able to survive in a 1 bedroom….especially after my son started moving around.

We eventually moved to a 2 bedroom with great living room space and the kitchen was actual in its own room.

Do what you have to do to make your little one happy and you too, of course!

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