Traveling with a toddler

Hey! Its been awhile since I blogged.

We recently just came back from Maui for a very short family trip. Takeo experienced his first plane ride. I learned alot during this family trip.

Tip 1: Bring only what is needed. The less to carry, the better!

Tip 2: Try to schedule the plane trip around naptime. It makes it easier to “handle” your child. Our plane right to Maui was great because he was so sleepy…he didn’t have any energy to fuss. Our trip back was a different story. We scheduled our trip back a time where it was after is usually naptime. He was so energized that we couldn’t get him to keep still on the plane. Thank god is was only a 30 min ride 🙄

Tip 3: Use car travel distance between two destinations as a great opportunity to have your child take nap.. as well as you! Haha. Every morning we had a activity scheduled to do. We knew he would sleep after so we let him sleep as we travelled to our next adventure. I know alot of people our against “sleeping in carseat” but I find that it helps make the best out of your time.

Tip 4: Bring things that will keep your toddler happy. When Takeo was awake during car rides he WAS NOT happy. He isn’t used to long car rides, so he was fussy. I regret not bringing toys to help him calm down.

Do what you have to do to make a family trip happy and worthwhile.

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