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Apartment living: with a baby

I read this interesting article that someone posted on FB bout how some people around the world live in "tiny" homes. It kind of made me appreciate what we live in now. The article featured how these people doesnt choose to live in these small is what they can afford. It made me sad… Continue reading Apartment living: with a baby

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He has food allergies…..

My son LOVES to eat...and I love that he isn't picky. The problem we have is people who feeds him whatever they are eating. When we are out at parties and stuff we have to constantly tell people "he has food allergies...." We have to nicely ask our family/friends, "what are you giving him?". Some… Continue reading He has food allergies…..


Saying goodbye

Today, July 5th....holds a special place in my heart. It was this day 1 year ago I said goodbye to my son for the 1st time. Not as bad you think....It was my 1st day back to work after I have given birth. Many of you may think I am overreacting (*my other half*), but… Continue reading Saying goodbye


Swim little fishy

One of the skills, I think all kids should learn to do is swim. Not only because we live in Hawaii, where the ocean is the playround....learning helps with breathing and exercise. See the old fashion way of how me and my other half learned to swim was our parents/uncles/aunties throwing us in the deep… Continue reading Swim little fishy


Time management & a 1-year old

I was always pretty good with using my time wisely until my son was born. As soon as he was born, my life turned upside-down & sideways. We all know taking care of your child is first priority and can be VERY time consuming! All the things I did on a regular schedule (laundry, chores,… Continue reading Time management & a 1-year old


Newborn? Why you should buy used baby gear

After my son turned 1, I realized that half of the things we have brought or was given as gifts were barely used. Babies grow up so fast and the stuff they need is only needed for a short period of time. Of course as new parents, we wanted everything for our son to be… Continue reading Newborn? Why you should buy used baby gear