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Apartment living: with a baby

I read this interesting article that someone posted on FB bout how some people around the world live in "tiny" homes. It kind of made me appreciate what we live in now. The article featured how these people doesnt choose to live in these small is what they can afford. It made me sad… Continue reading Apartment living: with a baby


ALOHA not for sale There has been alot of news regarding the Aloha Poke Co. trying to take away the use of "Aloha" and "poke" from MANY businesses who has those words in their names. As a native Hawaiian, a kanaka maoli, a resident of pilau can a person be Aloha Poke Co. First of all, who… Continue reading ALOHA not for sale


Who you calling titah

Someone called me a titah today. I haven't have someone call me that in a very long time. Titah: A female local girl with attitude up the max or in other words, A BITCH! I'll admit, I am a titah and was always one since small time. To make this fun, I will write this… Continue reading Who you calling titah